About Us

This is our website for fun and awareness! We created this website for people to come and take some quizzes along with learn about some issues we are trying to start the conversation on. You can visit our Awareness page to see some of our posts and for some resources as well. The main reason we feel this is so important is because specifically younger people aren't typically aware of the full story on verying issues, but with our new approach to educating kids on important issues we hope we can help. We are coding this website ourselves at the Girls Who Code Camp!

Hi I'm Megna! I am 15 and I came to the Girls Who Code camp to learn how to code, obviously. I have learned a lot about how to create a website and this is our final project. I thought this website idea was good because I really wanted somewhere that people could enjoy along with learn something. So enjoy!

Wuss poppin jimbo! I'm Ari and I have been coding since sixth grade, but didn't learn about coding sites untill my camp at GWC. We made our website to help spread awareness to issues we care deeply about, but we wanted a way to pull in younger audience members, hence the quizzes. Feel free to explore our website, and learn about a new cause while you're here!

Hello! My name is Emuna and I am 15 years old. I am learning how to code with girls who code. I was born in Israel and now I live in Ohio/Kentucky. I like this website because it is agreat way for kids/ teens to be aware of things in a fun way.